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Roll Label

Today, the roll label is one of the key types of packaging for products of the dairy industry (butter, margarine, cheese curds, etc.).

Since this category of goods requires special protection and storage methods, special requirements being put forward for the roll label. It should protect the product from sunlight, moisture, and prevent the penetration of fat to the outside.

On the shelves of most stores, you can find colorful roll labels of ecoolin, foil and parchment. All these materials have the above qualities, which allows us to successfully combine the reliability of the packaging with the attractiveness of the label.

For many years, Green Trade has been producing exclusively high-quality roll labels for a wide range of consumers.

Over the years of fruitful work, such well-known manufacturers as the Tulchinsky Dairy, Bobrovitsky Dairy, Novgorod-Seversky Cheese Factory and many others have become the company’s customers.

Roll Label Materials

Roll label is a specific type of packaging that mainly used for monolithic foods that are high in fat.

This category of products requires special protection methods, including protection against the penetration of sunlight, moisture, odors in the product itself and fats to the outside.

All of the above requirements easily achieved with the right material for the roll label.

Рулонная этикетка, рулонная упаковка




Foil is a multilayer packaging material based on aluminum foil.

Packaging foil is the best material that protects products from sunlight and moisture, and also prevents the penetration of fat to the outside.

In the proposed range of materials: foil kashirovannaya with microvikom, foil laminated with polyethylene, matte and glossy foil, gold foil and metallic.

All materials are produced by leading European companies Dupol (Italy), Walki Wisa (Finland), Kety S. A. (Poland) in accordance with the standards applicable to materials that are in contact with food products, which is confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate.

Main application: label for packaging butter, curds, margarine and other foods high in fat.


Film – label material with a number of unique properties, above all – environmental friendliness.

The structure of the label films are close to an egg-shell. In this case, the binding agents are not proteins, but harmless, the simplest plastics – polyolefins.

Depending on the type of composition and film thickness, it is possible to produce a solid package or roll film.

The films have excellent barrier properties, almost complete opacity, high grease, moisture resistance, good heat resistance in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Also film materials have excellent printing characteristics. It is possible to apply on the label multi-color images with photographic quality, which allows you to print slides and microtext, protecting the product from forgery.

The materials are used on all types of domestic packaging equipment, and they have a significantly lower load on the packaging equipment compared to foil.

Main application: label for packaging butter, curd mass, margarine, minced meat and fish, lard and other edible fats.

Рулонная этикетка и упаковка, рулонная этикетка Киев




Parchment is a traditional material for packaging butter, margarine and other edible fat monolith.

It is made from high purity cellulose, all natural.

Packaging parchment does not dissolve in fats and counteracts the penetration of fats through the packaging, does not adhere to fatty foods, and also has an unsurpassed barrier quality.

A distinctive feature of food parchment is its biological inertness, breathability, which allows the packaged products to “breathe” without adsorbing extraneous odors.

All raw materials and additives used in the production of packaging parchment comply with the standards for materials that are in contact with food products and are ISO 9001 certified.

Main application: label for packaging butter, curds, margarine and other foods high in fat.

Laminated paper

Laminated paper is a combination material consisting of a paper base and a polymer layer that is applied to it.

Thanks to these components, laminated paper is a quality packaging for many types of products in the food, light and pharmaceutical industries.

This packaging material is very popular in the Ukrainian market, especially in the food segment.

Today, we can offer our customers offset Amber Graphic paper from Kostrizin Paper (Poland), glossy Lumi Flex paper from Stora Enso (Sweden), and Ahlstrom Kaubilprint paper (Finland).

Main application: packaging of bulk materials, such as sugar and instant coffee.