Label order

Для того, чтобы заказать этикетку, вы можете связаться с нашими менеджерами по телефону +38 (044) 369-57-28 (многоканальный) или самостоятельно заполнить электронную форму на нашем сайте:


Geometric shape of the label:

RectangleSquareCircleOvalTriangleCustom shape

Size (mm):


a) Paper: Semi-glossThermoMetallized ('gold')Metallized ('silver')

b) Film: White polyethyleneTransparent polyethyleneMetallized polypropyleneWhite pearl polypropyleneTransparent polypropyleneHolographic film


Circulation (thousand pieces):

Order frequency:

One-timeOnce a monthOnce a quarterOther

Color, varnish:

a) Number of colors: 12345678No Print

b) Varnish: 12345678No Print

c) Application of varnish: selectivesolid



Roll winding options for the supplied label:

a) The number of labels in one roll (thousand pieces):

or winding diameter no more than (mm):

b) inner diameter of the sleeve (mm):

Packaging type of the delivered rolls:

polyethylenecorrugated boxpallet

The need for design development: yesno

Labeling conditions:

a) Temperature modes: below -5 ° Cfrom -5 ° C to + 5 ° Cabove + 5 ° C

b) Condensation: yesno

What surface is the label applied to:

glass banktin canplastic containervacuum bagcardboard, paper packagingother < p>



Special conditions for labeling and label use:

If you have any questions when filling out the application, call us and we will be happy to help you:
+38 (044) 369-57-28